The veteran soldier looked over the battlements. He could see the green horde assembling on the field in the distance. There were so many. So many more than they had planned for.

“Well that’s it,” said his younger companion as he slid his bow back over his shoulder. “It was a nice try. Now let’s all get out of here while we still can.”

“No,” he answered. It was not a discussion. “We stick to the plan. We hold until reinforcements arrive.”

“Plan?! We don’t have a plan. We had an idea to buy some time. And as I recall it didn’t exactly involve repelling every orc in all of Belkzen.”

“We hold. Now gather the men in the courtyard. I would speak with them once more. If we are to survive the night everyone must know exactly what they must do and when…”

Hold the Line.

An orcish army from Belkzen has taken the defenders of Lastwall by surprise—they now advance through an unforeseen hole in Lastwall’s lines. Soon the orcs will reach a string of vulnerable towns. There is, however, still one last tattered outpost that stands between the orcs and civilization. The fort just might be enough to hold the emerald storm back for a time. Perhaps even long enough for Lastwall’s cavalry to arrive and reinforce. But who is crazy enough to try to hold off an entire army with just a handful of men in a dilapidated keep? Apparently you are. It’s a good thing Lastwall appreciates those who die in its cause.

“Hold the Line” is a Pathfinder Adventure for Player Characters beginning at level 5.

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Hold the Line!

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